At TerraPura Housing Systems

our construction process allows for flexible

innovative design

Our design

provide for speedy, turnkey construction

and cutting edge manufacturing processes

Sustainability is at the heart of TerraPura’s core values,

providing for Environmental

Social and Economic Sustainability

Value Builds

Rapid process coupled with durable,

aesthetically pleasing results

Delivering High Quality and Sustainable Housing



To deliver a high quality, sustainable building model, which meets the increasing need for the broadening tenure of modern day housing in the UK.


TerraPura Housing Systems has been established to realise the ambitions of central government, local authorities, large scale affordable home organisations and contractors to meet the increasing needs of the value-lead build to rent sector.

What is the Value of TerraPura Housing Systems?

We partner with strategic organisations wishing to fulfil the Government’s ambitions to meet the needs of the evolving housing market. These partnerships support strategic developers to do what they do best: liaise with Local Authorities and central Government, and tap into institutional investment, whilst we deliver high quality, good value sustainable homes – on time and on budget.